Getting into the groove


The past couple of days have been a blur.  I’m officially registered for classes, including a class called Food and Consumers, which I’m absolutely “stoked” for.  We have a three hour practical with recipe development, cooking, and food photography.   I love going to a small liberal arts school, but there’s no way they could offer classes as specific as that one.  I’m taking one more food class, and two marketing courses.  I don’t start class till next Monday, but I will keep you posted on how it goes!

On Monday a couple of SLU kids wandered to the beach nearby.  It was a quick ten minute bus ride to the beautiful views and sand.  The ozone layer here is almost non-existent, so even the littlest bit of sun can give you a sunburn.  Most us had forgotten sunscreen, but Max was nice enough to share his so we didn’t all torch.  What a good guy.  It was crazy to see all of the surfers, most of them around 15 or so.  Kids are so independent here! We saw two elementary students just hop on the bus by themselves and navigate their way to the center of town.  That definitely is not the norm in the states.  The weather here is completely unpredictable, I don’t think any of us have been appropriately dressed for the day so far.  A lot of times it will start humid and rainy, and the sky will open up in the afternoon.

Hanging out up on the dune

After the beach we were back in the center of town (the Octagon) and stopped to get some ice cream.  for $1.70 NZD (About 1.40USD) I got two scoops of delicious lemon cheesecake and two scoops of berry sorbet.  What a deal!  Prices are difficult to decipher here, in that some things will seem ridiculously cheap (a large pink-berry froyo in the states could cost you upwards of $7) other things are a ripoff, like paying $40 for mascara.

Yesterday we did the Cadbury tour.  We got to see a huge chocolate fountain!  It was fascinating to see how such a tiny company created and operated by three young brothers (one as young as seventeen) has evolved to such an empire.  After that, we stopped by the fish market and picked up some salmon.  We whipped up a delicious dinner with salmon, fettuccini, and steamed broccoli.  Not bad at all!  Our final flatmate arrived yesterday, after spending the last month and a half traveling around the island. It’s safe to say we now have a full house (cue the theme song…)

Next to an original Cadbury delivery truck


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  1. Feel like I can hear you talking when I read these 🙂 Uh, the salmon/pasta concoction dish sounds delish! You should think about adding a section to this blog and/or Alli Eats with pics/details on the food that you eat/cook while you’re in NZ. Xoxo

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