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What an awesome week.  I just finished up my third Food and Consumer practical, and this time around we got to made our own jellos.  Although this sounds rather simple, we weren’t working out of a Jello packet here, there were literally HUNDREDS of different flavor profiles to choose from. From pomegranate, to coconut, to chocolate, and everything in between. On top of that we had to create a color combination, and decide what sort of acid level we wanted to use.  Considering I haven’t used a beaker since maybe 10th grade chemistry, I was feeling a little out of element with all of this science and math.  My lab partner and I went with Fijoa-Peach mixture, and a sort of green-ish yellowish color.  If you haven’t heard of Fijoa, it taste sort of like a pear and a strawberry mixed.  We’ll get a chance to sample everyone’s jello tomorrow and vote on our favorites.  Should be pretty fun!

Class aside, this past weekend we stayed mostly around Dunedin.  It was our friend Laura’s 21st birthday on Saturday, along with St. Patrick’s day.  A couple of us decided to do a short road trip, and drove about an hour or so out of town to see the Moeraki Boulders.  It’s funny, Dunedin is pretty urban but even just five minutes out of the city and you feel like you’re in a completely different country.  Anyway, as the maori legend goes, the boulders are sediments from bits of a shipwreck (including it’s crew) that have collected over time, and the sharp waves smoothed them down to almost perfect cylinders.  We mostly just found them fun to hop around on push each off of…


Although it was a bit chillier that day, a couple of us decided to buck up and jump into the water, and cross another beach off the list.   We found a nearby park to dry off at, and enjoyed the sun that finally opened up through the clouds.


Because there wasn’t much to explore in Moeraki, we talked to a couple of locals about a restaurant called Fleur’s.  Apparently one of the most famous restaurants in all of New Zealand, it serves only fresh and local ingredients.   It has the sort of a feel of an upscale beach shack, with plenty of decorations made from shells and sea glass.  As soon as we saw the prices on the menu we realized it was more than a little out of our budget, but decided as a group that we were ready to splurge.  I ordered fresh blue cod, served with a chili-lime-corinader sauce (in a shell, no less).  It was literally in the top 5 best meals I’ve ever had in my life (2 of which were probably Chipotle…but still)


St. Patricks day was…well, St. Patrick’s day.  It was the first I’ve spent at a big university, and let’s just leave it at it was certainly a memorable experience.

P.S.  I know I’m wearing that zip up in virtually every picture.  But I didn’t expect it to be as chilly here as it can be, so until Thomas and Erin come to the rescue with some new ones it’ll be worn way too often.

P.S.S. If you want a postcard, comment your address!


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  1. Jello sounds awesome! For st patricks I went to boston with friends etc it was a blast! What else do you need from home? Send a list via email.. Address is 77 Weed ave stamford ct btw.

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