Taking it all in

Marian Lake, clearer than ever

Okay so this is a friend’s picture and I wasn’t there. But it’s pretty, and I wanted to share it.

Going for it

Some eerie clouds on the hike down from Gertrude’s saddle

Colossal squid preserved at the museum. Captured off a cruise boat in 2007. To give you an idea of the colossal factor, it’s eyeballs were the size of soccer balls.

Earthquake simulator at the museum freaking Eliza out a bit

Habanero pepper hot sauce = problems.

Busted wheel

Cliche…but had to be done

Tripping her was too easy. Sorry, Mel!

At Mueller Hut

That hat’s for you, Grandpa

Hanging around in the fall foilage

Shaking it out at the beach

Understandably a little anxious

Chocolate and snow…what more could I ask for?

Moke lake campsite

Hyde street shenanigans

Hanging out in rock formations, or something…

Way too happy to eat cheese and hummus sandwiches near the top of Gertrude’s Saddle

Cooking up a gourmet meal

Another top-notch climbing tree in Queenstown

On the edge a little bit…literally

Hundreds of trees at Jones fruit stand. Too old for tag? Hardly.

Hopping across the stream

Group shot after rave in the cave

Watching the sunset with some friends + Thomas in Queenstown

Those witty kiwis….

Thomas and Alex with a rainbow in Milford.

Ending the Rob Roy hike

Going in for a dip

Sara just hangin’ around

Still haven’t got enough of the gardens…

Cute pup hanging in a trunk

Tarp set up for Sophie’s party. Shea backyard parties trained me well!

Angry waves

Casually avoiding some cows
Beautiful church right in town

Next to the Dunedin Railway building, the second most photographed building in the southern hemisphere.  Any guesses for number one?

Half of my bedroom

Beautiful botanical garden down the block from the flat


Beautiful flowers from the botanical garden


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